Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King has returned once again through November 5

Classic Guild Wars fans see their event begin on October 18th


It’s Halloween time in Guild Wars 2 as of today, as Shadows of the Mad King has returned as promised. The gameworld will be littered with candy corn until November 5th.

“The city of Lion’s Arch is transformed with scary decorations and a gloomy autumn glow! Every two hours, Mad King Thorn will gather his ‘subjects’ (anyone within shouting distance) to play a game. Perform the emotes he commands you to—but only if he calls out, ‘Your Mad King says.’ If you do well, you’ll receive keys to unlock the Mad King’s Chest.”

Do note that if you’re a newbie to the game, you can hop to Lion’s Arch or the Mad Realm from the starting area for each race. ArenaNet also says to be on the lookout for haunted doors in Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields – “interact with the doors to trick-or-treat!”

We streamed last year’s events for those who want to have a peek at us dying in the super hard Clock Tower puzzle!

The Mad King’s Labyrinth is also back this year, along with the raceway, Reaper’s Rumble and Lunatic Inquisition minigames, and the Ascent to Madness dungeon.

“Battle hordes of Halloween creatures, race your mounts, and trick-or-treat at haunted doors through the twists and turns of a macabre maze. It’s a great way to gain experience for your characters and Trick-or-Treat Bags full of goodies, especially if you team up with other players to explore. Stay on your toes, though—powerful enemies like the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, legendary Skeletal Lich, and Labyrinthine Horror will make nougat of the unwary.”

Still enjoying some classic Guild Wars? The event returns for you starting on October 18th, while the Mad King himself won’t be showing up until October 31st.


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Wasn’t a fan of this last year so I’ll probably just dip my toes in this year.

But I’m just waiting for that October 29th patch so I can start setting up builds/gearsets on my characters. Especially since IIRC the dev behind the Arc prebuild mod discontinued it today. I ain’t got time to manually swap out gear and remember how to tweak points from one build to the next!


Pretty chunky item collections table. Lots to get. [Spoilers] Here’s the rundown.


It’s not a collection table, it’s a table of all new items, most of them are from the gem store.

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Enjoy everyone who is playing! GW2 does a great job with its Halloween festivities.