The Division 2’s Title Update 6 is live with new map, missions, and spec


Today marks the day that those who bought in to the Year 1 Pass can get started on the newest shinies for The Division 2. Title Update 6 has officially gone live for Year 1 players along with balance updates and other adjustments for everyone.

The main features of Title Update 6 we touched upon previously: a new pair of missions that take place in the Pentagon, the new Technician specialization, and the Marina Supply Route and Embassy Crash Site classified missions. There’s also a new Wharf PvP map and a Team Elimination PvP mode, a set of exotic kneepads, and a high-end shotgun.

Gameplay changes are pretty numerous with this title update, with changes to Blueprints, crafting, gear mods, and the tutorial and early game missions. Additional new features have also been added such as map indicators to help players target specific drops once they reach World Tier 5, new named items and adjustments to existing named items, and a whole slew of PvP and balance changes too numerous to list here. You can get every specific detail in the patch notes.

source: official forums, cheers Godnaz!