The Yellow King is a new MMO heading for a Halloween early access event

Don't say it.

The stars are right for a new dose of multiplayer madness, and The Yellow King is here to offer precisely that. Those of you familiar with the Cthulhu mythos as a whole no doubt recognize that name as being a reference to Hastur, the King in Yellow, a dreamlike entity that slowly devours meaning and the coherent laws of reality in bizarre and unknowable ways. How does that relate to what appears to be a multi-player dungeon crawl? Therein lies the true madness.

Regardless of how closely the game actually brings itself to the mythos that it is (very deliberately) referencing, it’s offering a special limited-time early access run starting on Halloween, along with a whole lot of distorted text and references to the development team as a very small and devoted cult.

The Yellow King development team is a small, independent cult.

There are two right-hand magic priests who work the code, three left-hand ritualists crafting wicked imagery and false idols, and some chaos magicians who are adept at lies and deception pretending to be customer service reps.

Castration is optional, but the track suits are not.

A full release is planned for some time in 2020 based on community feedback. We’ve also covered games by Spellbook (the development studio) before, specifically The Infinite Black; that was a mobile title ported to Steam, while this does not appear to be. It also appears to be so new that the company has yet to make reference to it on its official site or Facebook page. So… is it really as much about cosmic horror as implied? You’ll have to see when the test event takes place, although if it is a game of cosmic horror we would note that curiosity about what something is rarely ends well in those stories.

Source: Official Site, Steam; thanks to Pepperzine for the tip!
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