Black Desert preps Halloween and Great Expedition on PC, awakens the Tamer on Xbox One


Black Desert Online’s PC version is busy prepping its boat for the Great Expedition update coming next week, but in the meantime, there’s Halloween to contend with! Yep, Spook is back in BDO. Beginning today and tomorrow, players will be hunting down the Halloween event boss Spook, chasing pumpkin ghosts, carrying out Halloween quests, joining the costume contest, and enjoying the Halloweeny UI and music across the gameworld.

“Spook will swarm the entire world of Black Desert Online and spawn at random times, random places!” Kakao writes. “Weakened Spook will appear near adventurers of Lv.55 and below, whereas Spook will spawn for adventurers of Lv.56 and above. Spook or Weakened Spook will drop the same items. Once you engage in combat with Spook, it will disappear 10 minutes after the combat starts. If unattacked, Spook will despawn in 10 minutes.”

Now, back to boats. Even before the Great Expedition kicks off, BDO is hosting prelude quests in which you hoard cogs and suck up to people to get ship parts.

Meanwhile, over the Xbox One side of the game, the latest patch makes guildies easier to find, adds new loot to world bosses, and awakens the Tamer.


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