Nexon is sunsetting mobile survival MMO Durango Wild Lands already


Welp, that didn’t last long: Nexon announced last night that it’s sunsetting Durango Wild Lands, a mobile survival MMO that kicked around in various stages of beta across the world for several years before finally launching here in the west in May 2019.

“To put it bluntly, we have decided to end the service of Durango: Wild Lands. It seems we have reached our final destination in the wild lands that we have explored together. We would like to apologize and show our gratitude through this note. We would sincerely like to thank you, our pioneers, for being part of the Durango world. We, as developers and operators of the game, were able to do our jobs largely due to your support. While the in-game characters were warped to Durango despite their intentions, you our pioneers chose to be part of our family. We deeply empathize with you not being able to continue your expeditions in Durango.”

The most crushing bit is that Nexon is apparently going to push out a finale for the game’s storyline before the end, along with a new patch that’ll introduce PvP content, an instrument system, faster experience, and some way for players to save their private islands.

According to a follow-up post, IAP will end on October 16th – that’s today – with the game’s final day of life being December 18th. “Reinstallation will NOT be available once you delete the game after December 18, 2019,” the devs write.

MMO Culture, which first picked up the news from Facebook, speculates that it probably has something to do with Nexon’s ongoing business implosions as we’ve been covering all year: After its botched mega-sale, Nexon canned Peria Chronicles, stopped dev on Project G, let the contract for Riders of Icarus run out, closed two Western offices, and saw its own employees stage a protest.

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