Path of Exile outlines further fixes moving through the halfway mark of Blight league

It can't be fixed, our time was going to be devoted to fixing it.

Here’s the bad news forĀ Path of Exile: The developers aren’t planning on holding some sort of community event in the Blight league simply because everyone is hard at work with the 3.9 and 4.0 updates, so it’s not in the cards. The good news is that not only are those updates in the works, but players can look forward to further fixes, even though the team is generally rather happy with where Blight league has wound up. For example, performance improvements are on the way for water, thus making liquid look that much better across the game.

Players can also look forward to fixes and improvements in UI in behaviors, addressing things like bosses failing to transition through phases after being frozen or the fog of war sometimes hiding distant (but connected) nodes. They’re not enormous shifts that will rewrite the way players have been experiencing the title, but they should help make the remainder of Blight league more comfortable as it moves into the downhill slope toward the next update.