PlanetSide 2 brings the Nanite of the Living Dead event back for more spooky shooting

It's already dead.

Fans of PlanetSide 2 probably had lots of reason to be scared following the latest round of Daybreak layoffs on Friday, and not in the fun way. For those of you who greatly prefer being scared in the fun way, though, the game does now have you covered with the arrival of the Nanite of the Living Dead event in-game. And to compound the terror of this ghoulish season, players will have to deal with the fact that their hunts for pumpkins (including the much larger Galact-O-Lantern) will no longer reward seeds!

Yes, pumpkins will now offer up their fiendish rewards to players directly rather than allowing you currency to buy them; you can’t get the same cosmetic reward twice, though, so each one you get should improve your odds of getting another one. Add in a new seasonal directive and players should have plenty of fiendish fun with the event until November 8th, when it departs with all of its pumpkin goodness.


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Dankey Kang

Poor wrel is basically propping the whole game up at the moment since the rest of the team have been sacked. There’s talk of the PS:A team being merged into the PS2 team now, given the performance of the former it would not surprise me in the slightest if the game was cancelled outright.