TERA’s Skywatch update takes players to a ‘high-flying zone’

TERA’s Skywatch update takes players to a ‘high-flying zone’

We all know that MMORPGs are strangely obsessed with floating islands. But the real question that I want answered is how do these massive, heavy chunks of earth stay airborne? And don’t you wave it away with “magic;” I want technical details and a reasoned response about why physics decided to take a holiday just so that things look “wicked cool.”

Anyway, TERA is all about the floating islands this week with its “largest content update of the year,” otherwise known as Skywatch. The PC patch adds Aerial Island, a huge zone with four areas and a dungeon to explore. Just… don’t look down while you’re up there, eh?

“All four areas contain a host of varied content for players to engage in ranging from BAMs and field bosses to new quests to new fisheries where players can relax after a long day of slaying,” En Masse said in a press release.

The patch also revamped some of the game’s older dungeons and introduced a card collection system that will grant passive buffs to those who collect full sets.

Source: TERA

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