Villagers and Heroes re-opens Halloween zone with Blighted Isles expansion


The latest update to Villagers & Heroes is offering a whole lot of goodies for players if these patch notes are any indicator. Players can look forward to the return of the Halloween-y goodness of the Haunted Moors, a new high-level area, and several other updates which are going live as we speak.

This year’s Halloween will let players return to the Haunted Moors event zone while earning some new goodies like three new bat mounts, one of which will be given out for free. Players can also dress up like a Vampire or Feral Bat Lord with one of three new wardrobe ensembles, and collect other goodies like pets, toys, and more.

For those who are looking to reach new character heights, the Blighted Isles high-level area is also open with this update, with 10 new zones to bring characters to a level cap of 95, new recipes to learn to bring crafting up to level 95, and some new endgame challenges in the form of level 95 Elder Encounters. What’s more, the Blighted Isles area features level scaling tech, meaning players can take on the quests of this new area in any order they wish.

The update has also brought a number of adjustments like the chance for gathering nodes to be Plentiful and offer various boosts for a limited time, a gathering node exhaustion system where a node’s resources can become depleted, individual loot drops from bosses, and a host of improvements and bug fixes. Make sure to look over the patch notes for all the details.


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