DC Universe Online’s GU98 adds new items to the Second Chance Vendor and Resurgence Mega Capsules


If a resurgence returns, is it a re-resurgence? An ultrasurgence? A megasurgence? Instead of pondering portmanteaus, I’ll instead just mention that Resurgence Mega Capsules have come back to DC Universe Online for a limited time, offering another opportunity to get some shinies from the in-game store or as an in-game drop with GU98.

For those who perhaps aren’t familiar, these new Mega Capsules will collect unlocked Time Capsules 7-15 and a Chroma Reward Box that grants players a chance at one of 17 new Chromas for their powersets all in one bundle. That’s $9 worth of stuff for 700 Marketplace Cash or seven Stabilizers, or at least makes it easy to toss the lockbox away and imagine it making a dull, heavy thud because lockboxes are trash.

For those who’d rather (slowly) earn things from playing the game, the Second Chance Vendor is also getting some old stock back in the form of Time Torn Time Capsules and Arcane Time Capsules, which can be purchased with Quarks. Quarks, remember, are a currency that are earned by opening other Time Capsules, which can only be opened by Stabilizers, which can be earned in-game by putting together Stabilizer Fragments or immediately bought from the in-game store; it’s all just an ouroboros of annoyance to get you to buy things, really.

GU98 also brought a number of changes to the game itself, all of which are detailed in these patch notes. You can also get a look at the Resurgence Mega Capsule in the video below. Don’t buy lockboxes.


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Arnold Hendrick

This appears to be the DCUO’s team bid to keep their jobs at Daybreak – by offering “oldies but goodies” once again to the player base.

I am out of touch with DC UO. Last time I checked was a couple years ago, and the respec’ing of the combat systems was still in progress, making it almost impossible to figure out what different power-sets could do, etc. I certainly hope they have completed that set of revisions, making the game much more approachable again.