Star Citizen’s alpha 3.7.1 hopes to bring an end to random asteroid interdiction


So you’re flying along at quantum speeds in Star Citizen, minding your own business and watching the kilometers tick away, when warning sirens tick off and your ship rumbles. It’s an interdiction pulling you out of warp. Is it the space police? Space pirates? Nope, it’s a piece of space rock, which you almost immediately hurtle towards at high speeds as you drop from hyperspace. Ideally, alpha 3.7.1, which just arrived to the PTU, should fix that.

If this patch works correctly, the days of being stopped and then blasting your face into an errant piece of rock floating in the void should be over, as that’s a primary focus of this patch and round of PTU testing.

The patch also has applied a number of bug fixes as well as some adjustments to ships, such as making Mantis interdictions and QT jamming hostile actions and temporarily removing quantum drive overheating to avoid unintentionally amplifying interdictions. All of the salient information can be found in the patch notes.

source: official forums, thanks DK for the tip!

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