Star Trek Online patches in the new Event Campaign system for a Tier 6 ship

That's Trek for you.

Tier 6 ships are not precisely rare in Star Trek Online, but they sure can be expensive. The new Event Campaign system in the game with the latest patch helps ameliorate that expense by offering a Tier 6 ship coupon for clearing multiple events; once you hit 2100 progress, you get your free ship, and fully mining out an event will reward around 700 progress. This coincides nicely with the return of the Kobayashi Maru as a three-week event, giving players ample time and incentive to pick up the rewards from the event itself and make progress toward that free ship.

The event itself is also offering rewards including a mess of Dilithium, loot boxes, specialization points, and a Kobyashi Maru transponder. There are also options for legacy progress for those who have taken part before, as well as the option to just buy out progress of the event for… Zen. The currency you use to buy things like that Tier 6 ship. So that’s a nice option if you want to get everything from the event, we suppose, but probably not as useful if you’re looking for that free ship coupon.


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