Dark Age of Camelot brings out its Halloween challenges through November 7

I'm purely decorative!

Why should Halloween be a time when it’s easy to prevail against dark forces? That doesn’t seem on-brand, does it? Dark Age of Camelot isn’t afraid to make things feel more than a little dangerous with its Halloween event, which is why the Castle of the Mournful King is outright acknowledged as a challenging encounter for level 50 players that isn’t required for completing the event quest but does offer some nice rewards for those who manage it. It’s a seasonal challenge, but still a challenge.

Of course, those who just wish to celebrate without a challenge will find things to do, including spirits to vanquish in a pumpkin patch, a spectral queen offering players a quest for the season, and a ghostly task for players at level 45 and above. There are confectioners, consignment merchant costumes, and costume potions for players to enjoy. So whatever intensity level you feel up for, the event has something for you as it runs until November 7th.