Daybreak’s Holly Longdale promises: ‘There is a future for EverQuest’


Even as Daybreak fractures into several studios, its flagship MMORPG continues to fly high. EverQuest itself recently confirmed the Q4 arrival of its Torment of Velious expansion as well as a new progression server, and now the studio promises that the fantasy MMO will be around for at least another decade.

When asked in an interview how long EverQuest was going to last at this point, Executive Producer Holly Longdale said, “At least another ten years.” She pointed to the progression servers as perfect ways for returning players to get on board with EQ once more.

Longdale was more cagey when it came to the rumored next EverQuest game, saying only, “I can’t talk about what’s in development, but I promise you that there is a future for EverQuest. I promise you that a lot of work has gone into evaluating our past.” That’s essentially a reiteration of comments she made back in the spring and summer, but given the recent layoffs, we’re not sad to hear them again.

Source: EverQuest Show. Thanks Vemerce!
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