Durin’s Day returns to Lord of the Rings Online


Even while the dark revels of Harvestmath are in full swing in Lord of the Rings Online, a second seasonal holiday has arrived in the game to entertain fans. Today marks the return of Durin’s Day, a short-lived event that remembers one of the key events of The Hobbit.

According to LOTRO Wiki, Durin’s Day “is a rare event as observed by the Longbeards; the clan founded by Durin — the first day of the Dwarves New Year, when both the Sun and Moon may be seen in the sky together.”

The event was first added to the game last year and includes a quest, a deed, a title, and a special memorial that displays glowing runes. Durin’s Day runs from today through October 22nd.


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Thanks for the heads up on this. My slightly underleveled hobbit minstrel found it this evening. My very underleveled dwarven runekeeper will make the attempt tomorrow morning.