Survival MMO Stars End hits Steam early access with some Firefly flair


Hey, a new shiny! A very Firefly-esque shiny! We’re talkin’ ’bout Stars End here, a new sci-fi title with some space western flair, newly arrived on Steam early access at under 20 bucks. Is it an MMO? Not reaaaallly, although Canadian developer Reverie World Studios is calling it an MMO survival title with online multiplayer and binned it under MMOs, so you be the judge.

Stars End is the game in the MMO survival genre, which is next to impossible to complete without at least a Year long Early Access run,” the team writes. “[T]he vast majority of gameplay mechanics already present. Entire Stars End system is accessible. Some features have not been implemented into the game yet, but these features were not advertised, and we plan to continue working on them together with our players over the Early Access period. […] The selection of craftable materials, weapons, alien bugs and vehicles would greatly increase during the Early Access period. And finally – as it is expected with the launch of this magnitude – networking, and performance would need a bit of time to realize their full potential.”

Reverie World also runs a few other games, including the multiplayer RTS Medieval Kingdom Worlds, which launched earlier this year with mixed reviews. You can check out Stars End over on Steam.

Source: Steam. Thanks, StuartGT!
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