SWTOR touches on the Sentinel and Marauder in its latest class preview entry


Yep, it’s another Onslaught class preview for Star Wars: The Old Republic! Next on deck is the twin lightsaber-swinging Sentinel and Marauder, which, as one would expect, are getting some impressive new tricks to further dish out the hurt.[AL:SWTOR]

The new power for both classes will add up to four building charges every 30 seconds that can be consumed into stacks that buff the next attack by 25%, with each attack consuming one of these stacks. In fact, most of the Set Bonuses seem to be about adding new stacks to burn or resetting skills, though some of them also offer specific buffs to stats. As for Tacticals, these seem tuned to either making certain abilities hurt more if you apply multiple bleeds or just outright boosting a skill’s chance to crit.

The SWTOR Twitter account also continues to be very fixated on Mek-Sha, with another look at the asteroid city, but this time from inside. That can be seen in the embedded tweet below. You can also get our columnist’s thoughts on just what Onslaught means to him and possibly to players overall with this week’s Hyperspace Beacon.

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Vincent Clark

Is the expac going to have an updated jump potion so we can jump right into the new content? Asking for a friend :)

Malcolm Swoboda

I don’t know if it does, but I think it will.


It looks like you’ll be able to use the token to boost to either 60 (start of Fallen Empire) or 70 (start of Ossus):



Have they updated Guardians too?

Bruno Brito

Wait…is that a saber? Really?

Randy Savage

Nothing about any of this seems overpowered at all