Ship of Heroes shows off the power of morphing body shapes with its newest video


The upcoming test for Ship of Heroes’ character creation is arriving on November 1st, and that means plenty of new superheroes running around on a spaceship. Hence the title. But there’s more to assembling your character than just putting on a costume; the latest video isn’t showing off the various costume pieces, but the way that you can tweak body dimensions and make your character look skinnier, broader, more muscular, or however you prefer.

As a result of this, the focus is almost entirely on the basic male model and all the ways that it can be tweaked, rather than any individual costume pieces. But you can see in the video just below that it’s a lot of tweaking, and the same range of tweaks are available on the huge male model and the female model. It’s a powerful creation tool, so if you’re accustomed to tweaking the heck out of your character before launching into superheroics, you’ll feel right at home with this creator.

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