Gamigo is retooling Trove’s player-generated content submission system

I’d be willing to be that in spite of how often we cover Trove, most of our readers have no idea that a lot of the content in the game has been built by players themselves. For years, Trion maintained a creator program that allowed players to submit outfits, mounts, weapons, and even whole dungeons for review; the very best items were retooled by devs and then pushed into the game, their creators duly compensated. Gamigo took over the program when it bought up the sad remains of Trion Worlds, of course, and this week, it announced a new plan for submissions that will hopefully streamline the process – and is miles apart from the old “throw stuff up on a forum thread” system.

“We will now accept your creations on the brand new Trove Creations page on Trovesaurus. The former submissions thread on Reddit, /r/TroveCreations will be archived early next week. Upon submitting your creations to Trovesaurus, a moderator will give them a check for quality. If they pass muster, they will go into a pool that Trove team reviews and selects from to get new creations in-game. When the Team selects a creation, we immediately send out credits to the associated PC account and let their creator know. When creations go live, each dungeon creator’s character name is called out in the patch notes for celebration. For styles and collections, the creator’s name is permanently visible on the item’s tooltip.”

Go make us some new stuff, people!

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