Astellia Online tasks players with hunting candy for the Great Candy King


Launching an MMO around Halloween means that everyone is curious about whether or not you’ll take the inaugural chance to really go to town on your game’s spooky seasonal event. Astellia Online is definitely going all-in as it tasks players with collecting candy for the Great Candy King, an NPC who fits so seamlessly into the world that you kind of wonder if he’s not just perpetually hanging out. Of course there’s a Great Candy King here, and of course he’s dispatched his minions to collect nasty-smelling candy in exchange for rewards.

Players can earn nasty-smelling candy from event monsters, from clearing daily quests to take out little Pumpkin Head monsters, or from the new event dungeon available to characters level 35 and over. The daily quests are available to all, however, so even if you can’t quite brave the dungeon, you’ll have access to the seasonal fun. The event starts on October 22nd and runs until November 5th, so you should have plenty of time to enjoy the game’s first annual spooky celebration. With more foul-smelling candy than you ever wanted, even.