Crowfall’s ACE Q&A talks War of the Gods as the game readies up Decapathon 2


October’s ACE Q&A for Crowfall is up and online, and to perhaps nobody’s surprise, it’s all about the upcoming War of the Gods milestone. Specifically, the Q&A touches on the new mode’s win conditions as well as a few other adjustments.

As elaborated on in previous reporting, War of the Gods will introduce win conditions unrelated to simply laying siege to enemy locations, with victory available through city-building, harvesting, and crafting. Of course, this doesn’t mean that PvP is entirely off the table, since crafters and gatherers will need to wander to collect materials and resources. Reportedly, all heads are down to work on War of the Gods and get it online, which means the live version of the game will see a drought of updates for the time being.

The Q&A further went into changes coming to Crowfall, such as making passives automatically apply without requiring a specific loadout, improvements to the crafting UI, and the introduction of “parcel adjectives” that allow the procedural world generator to tag areas to behave in certain ways. The Q&A also offers an update on where the Frostweaver development stands.

Of course, the War of the Gods isn’t the only thing happening in the throne war MMO. By popular demand, this past August’s Decapathon event is coming back for another round between October 29th and November 5th.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Yeah I’m sure people would rather they work on the base game first.

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Woohoo. Events on unfinished games paid with customer money. It is party time.