No, Guild Wars 2 is not banning people using ArcDPS


Since the beginning of October, there’s been a growing hum in the Guild Wars 2 community over the incoming build and equipment swapping template system. As we wrote at the time, some players are angry over the way the system is being implemented as past a certain freebie threshold it’s monetized, to the point that player solutions like the legal third-party program ArcDPS will no longer be updated to compete with ArenaNet’s version.

So when this weekend Reddit began spreading the rumor that ArenaNet was starting to ban people for using ArcDPS – or possibly just hacked DLLs for ArcDPS – at all, it took flight. Fortunately, it appears to be untrue. As ArenaNet Lead GM Dornsinger posted, the ban-wave of approximately 60 accounts had to do with PvP cheating all traced back to one perpetrator. (When we contacted ArenaNet for a statement, the studio directed us to Dornsinger’s post.)

“Firstly, there was no ban for ArcDPS. Not sure how that rumour started, but it seems to come up every time a padlock is placed and so far each time it was brought up, that was not the core issue,” Dornsinger writes. “Aside from the user who used cheating software, all users who know they themselves did not still need to open a ticket to the customer support team, so we can help them secure their game accounts fully. We need to make sure passwords are changed and that each of these users understand that their accounts need to not be shared going forward to stay safe. Please note that if their accounts were used for cheating by that user, they may still be actioned for the cheating done on them.”

When pressed, Dornsinger wouldn’t formally approve ArcDPS and repeats only the party line that third-party software is used at your own risk.

But hey, if you want a fun tale about wild bans, we’ve got one of those right here.

Source: Reddit
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