One week in, ArcheAge Unchained is still battling queues and bugs as players criticize ArchePass


Over the weekend, we covered the “hot mess” that was ArcheAge Unchained’s launch and land rush situation, which will shock newcomers but not really anyone who’s been watching various incarnations of the game over the last five years.

Gamigo has now brought yet another North American server online, and if you’re just starting now, you might want to head there, as queues in primetime on some other servers are still over an hour long. The pic up above is from MOP’s Justin, who failed to get back into Kaylin last night. Of course, when there’s a 900-person queue for some of these newer servers, that’s a good marker for demand for the game or at least this type of gameplay right now.

Gamigo also noted that those who took advantage of the exploit we covered Saturday will indeed get their comeuppance: “Those that have already abused this ArchePass Mission will be actioned upon as we work on implementing a fix.”

Redditors are responding to the overall situation pretty differently, depending on which one you’re reading. On MMORPG, one gamer called the launch a “complete travesty,” citing queues and character creation irritants and demanding a refund, while the ArcheAge sub itself is focused entirely on agitating against the ArchePass specifically, with multiple threads asking Gamigo to get rid of it or change it in some way. Even setting the exploits aside, players are pointing out that this incarnation of the loyalty system heavily favors grinders and people with lots of time on their hands and is shoveling money into the game at a rate sure to bork the economy. Players want the ArchePass missions shortened, party-sharable, and less time-consuming overall.

Finally, some levity for your Monday morning: One of ArcheAge Unchained’s in-game criminal trials handed out a massive sentence of 32 hours – apparently not the longest ever – to an in-game brigand finally brought to justice. The thread does point out the justice system is full of loopholes between breakouts and labor and that trials are still ridiculous, but hey, it’s amusing that this even exists.

32 Hours of Prison Was Just Handed Out On Denistrious from archeage

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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I got it via steam and I have never seen a queue.

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An ArchePass update is coming to EU servers right now, NA will get it in a couple of hours:

Added Explorer’s Bow to vendors – located in the 1h Explorer’s Weapon Crate
ArchePass changed to weekly mission style, instead of just daily. 100 missions are able to be completed per week. Weekly count should reset on Sundays.
Maximum gold received from ArchePass missions reduced to 10g.
Fixed ArchePass mission “Liberate Marianople: 20” – should correctly count kills.


I think everyone is forgetting that Archepass is a weekly feature, its just at launch it is set to daily. Later on it will change to weekly quests

Jon-Enee Merriex

I feel like there are a lot of us not talking about the actual play experience. So here I go. I’ll start by saying I played OG AA until Trion screwed the pooch during the Auroria launch which left me without land. I was a HUGE P2W player (I miss APEX greatly) and don’t care who knows. Not getting land after spending thousands on the game that month sucked – especially because it wasn’t because of something in-game, it was because Trion screwed up timing.

Regardless, I’ve been jazzed about experiencing this game close to how the original KR design was. I WAS SUPER hesitant to give Gamigo any money for the game until I was able to log into the PTS and try things out myself. Ultimately, I decided I did have $80 to spare on a game this month and my core love for AA made me try and take another dip.

I had already allowed myself to understand I probably wouldn’t get much playtime in during the launch day. That said, I anticipated that by 10am on Saturday I would be high enough to have my 8×8 farm. That was not the case. Queues kept me out of the game for most of the week. I had gotten to level 20 by Saturday morning at 07:00 AM Pacific when I attempted to log in. The Queue was already at 1500+ and the wait was over an hour. I waited until 09:30 AM when I was finally through the queue. It was at that point that I steeled myself for not getting any land.

One note: At like 09:30 the queue dropped by 1000. I was at 123X and then went to 23X. I think Gamigo did something at this point. Then a minute later I went from 23X to logging in. So I think they let significantly more people in just before the land rush and I appreciate that.

Anyway, I got back in game and it took me another 4.5 hours to get my 8×8, get my house and head to Hellswamp to get a great view. I got a great spot at 13:56.

I spent the rest of the weekend with my family for my mom’s 70th birthday. So I didn’t get a chance to log in until lunch today and, lo and behold, there is still plenty of land available. In Hellswamp not even 50% of the land it go. Heck, there are even good views still available.

I think people have blown a lot of this out of proportion. Yes, the Archepass needs work. Yes, the abusers need to be punished. Yes, the are majorly annoying. But, the P2W stuff really is gone, the game is much more balanced than I ever remember it being and the core experience is still amazing.

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One week from launch:
2,5 k queue and they are unlocking the busy servers to new chars….

it’s hard to keep playing when you need 2 hours to load the game

Marty Woods

Never got to play it the first time around so took a chance for 20 quid given I thought I might play it for a bit each day on the side of classic WoW am enjoying it for what it is . Might alternate between the two once I get to level 60 so as not to get bored .

There’s one locked server in the EU and two with ques during peak times ( I can get in easily to them in the mornings when I have some time to play ) . There are two servers that are high population at night and can get into them without trouble at peak .

I don’t really care if I don’t get the best gear or if I don’t own land . Just going to have fun exploring and see if i can find a nice social guild to kick back with and see if it grabs me enough to play it a bit more seriously sometime down the line .

Robert Mann

AA prison is… completely ineffective as a measure to stop people from being wicked, tbh.

There was a trend before all the nerfs for people to alt up, look for easy crimes, and delete the alt (basically attempting to abuse the people who didn’t want to move into the open PvP zones for stuff). Now, given all the nerfs to prison, this is apparently even more worthless (not sure how true it is, but supposedly almost all the action restrictions are gone leaving people free to just grind a little to leave and then crime it up again).

Not that anything will really stop people there, but this isn’t even really a mitigation factor anymore.

Barnoc N'Draak

I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the crime system being too harsh, so it must be working somewhat.


From what I’ve seen most people don’t get punished harshly for plain old PvP, it’s the people destroying tree farms before they’re even harvestable that get worst of it. So they go out and ruin something, wasting that other player’s time and energy, and then complain that they have to waste their time in jail. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.


So glad I passed on this.

Richard Smith

Second verse, same as the first!


Glad I decided to watch this from the cheap seats.

Barnoc N'Draak

It’s a bit of a dumpster fire, but it’s a fun dumpster fire.