Star Citizen Q&A livestream touches on mining, caves, quality-of-life tweaks, and more


It’s Q&A time for Star Citizen’s developers in the most recent Star Citizen Live livestream that took place. As one would expect, this Q&A session was all about the update made to the sandbox in alpha 3.7 and its various related features.

Many of the questions focused on what the new features of 3.7 will evolve into, such as word about harvestables being used for crafting and to keep your character well-fed, how the multitool will get more functionality, and how there will be more missions tuned for multiple players as well as an indicator in the UI that mentions a recommended player count for any given mission.

The Q&A further touches on improvements to finding caves by increasing their spawn density by many orders of magnitude as well as having a radar signature. There are also details for future plans for mining, such as more variation for rocks and mining lasers, as well as the ability to refine mined material; those updates are further down the line, but “not by much.”

The stream also offered a nod to quality-of-life updates due in Q4, such as fixes to quantum travel, adjustments to make interdiction less frustrating, ship HUD bug fixes, being able to log in and out at various other areas, and working on making destroyed NPC ships reliably drop cargo. Most of these features appear to be on deck for alpha 3.8, though the devs also want to put in some tangible content in the patch as well.

The entire Q&A can be found below, set at a time when questions and answers start flying.

source: YouTube

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Tee Parsley

If you bought the land, do you own the caves underneath? Are mining rights severable? Do earthquakes exist, and do they change the cave topology? Are the minerals found their consistent with known formulation? If a rock falls in the cave and no one hears it…..?