Starbase shows off its robotic body with a video all about player endoskeletons


Sure, Starbase is about building spaceships and space stations of various sizes, types, and complexities, but none of that actually happens without the endoskeleton aka your player avatar. In the newest video from publisher/developer Frozenbyte, we get a better look at the features and functions of this robotic body.

Since the endoskeleton is a robot, you won’t need to put up with survival sandbox contrivances like oxygen, food, water, or sleep. Your endoskeleton can even function if its limbs or head are blown off. If you are utterly destroyed, you simply get a new endoskeleton from a chosen registered insurance point. Respawning does require a small fee, but even if you’re flat broke you can still respawn; the fee will simply be deducted automatically when you work up the funds.

Endoskeletons come complete with magnetic feet that let you align to and walk on any metal surface and have jetpacks that let you fly through the void; they also feature 19 customizable armor slots in a wide variety of styles, and each individual piece can be further customized with multiple colors. And there are also a variety of emotes to let players be their most expressive robo-selves. You can get the full look in the video embedded below.

source: YouTube
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I’m curious to see how this game turns out, but I don’t think I’m the target audience to actually play it. I can’t devote hours per day to building and maintaining a survival MMO base. And from what I’ve seen (in forums at least) of games like Ark and Conan Exiles, even PVE servers turn into griefboxes as people kite monsters into your base, abuse building mechanics to effectively blockade you from building anything, or otherwise do whatever they can to ruin your day for the sheer sake of ruining it.

I hope it’s fun for the people that want to play it though. More options for science (or science fiction) flavored games is always nice.