SWTOR previews Juggernaut and Guardian changes coming in tomorrow’s Onslaught launch

I'm an excellent fighter.

The Juggernaut and the Guardian inĀ Star Wars: The Old Republic, two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, the Light-side practitioner of the Force, durable and unshakeable as she slices through enemies. On the other hand, the Dark-side user, who is equally durable but also a whole lot more angry. It’s the last advanced specialization to have set bonuses and Tactical options shown off, with the tanking option and both DPS options getting highlighted with gear.

Tanks gain the advantage of additional damage mitigation for pulling more enemies with their AoE taunts, along with even more mitigation for their primary AoE damage ability. Vengeance/Vigilance players, meanwhile, get to be even more lethal when their health runs low, and Rage/Focus players have more opportunity to use the synergy between Force abilities and melee attacks. Whether you prefer to be the front-line defender of your group or just carve things up with a lightsaber, the bonus options here should provide some nice additional power.

Onslaught launches tomorrow!