Neverwinter celebrates the season with the Masquerade of Liars and Contest of Liars events


MMOs, by their very nature, let players be someone or something they’re not, which is a stark reminder for me every time I look at myself in the mirror and don’t see a fluffy golden Charr staring back. The Masquerade of Liars Halloween event in Neverwinter lets your avatar put on masks, so you’re wearing a digital mask for a persona you’re digitally taking on and now this is starting to get meta-weird. Let’s move on.

The Masquerade of Liars features daily quests like trading Liar’s Charms or discovering event lore to earn Masquerade Tokens. The event also brings back the Contest of Liars, which lets players join one of three teams to earn the most treats and unlock a unique reward.

Goodies that can be earned with Masquerade Tokens include a variety of Companions, Fashion Masks, a flying broom mount, and the ability to trade the fully upgraded Illusionist’s Mask for an Empowered Illusionist’s Mask, which can further be upgraded to Mythic quality.

As for those who participate in the Contest of Liars, an illusion mask that lets you take on the visage of the winning team’s representative can be earned. One free mask will be sent to the members of the winning team who contributed enough, while additional masks can be bought either at a discount for those who made enough contributions or at full price for everyone else.

The Masquerade of Liars starts on Thursday, October 24th, and runs until Thursday, November 7th.

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The MMORPG Neverwinter has actually held up fairly well. I just recently started to play it a bit and it plays very smooth and nice (some old engines in some of these MMORPGs are a bit janky). It looks fairly good too for how old it is, the only one thing I think looks silly is the burning wood graphic which looks laughably bad. The rest of the game looks decent for its age. The gameplay is fun and all.

One of the things in these games that get to be around this long that let you sell almost all the Cash Shop stuff in the auction hall is that you can get by getting most all of the Cash Shop stuff cheaper if you buy it from other players. There is an IAP to in-game currency exchange, if you buy the stuff from the players you will get by on getting almost anything from the Cash Shop for a lot less (though you can also just save up and buy it without using real money at all).

They also have this weird thing where you find coupons during gameplay for major Cash Shop discounts, which makes a lot of things become a good deal cheaper. If you’re patient or you look around the auction hall you can get by with getting things for a lot less.

I’m looking around at some of these older MMORPGs to get to play them while they’re still here. I became interested in checking out Neverwinter, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

If I manage to play through most of the story content in pretty much any game I won’t stick around to grind and re-grind what people call the end game stuff or anything, I just want to play through the stories. Though I do enjoy co-op dungeons as well, that more depends on my mood on if I want to partake in any that day.