Project Gorgon adds Halloween quest, adjusts the Giant Bat skill in latest update


There’s nothing quite like reading the patch notes for Project Gorgon because what other game lets you not only become a giant bat but also seriously addresses the issue of balance with the giant bat skillset? Yes, as seems seasonally appropriate, Giant Bats are getting some of their damage times narrowed; while the skill allowed players to effectively hit several different monster weaknesses, it also was so broad that it was hard to stack buffs for playing, so a slightly more narrow field is somewhat advantageous.

Players will also get a quest for the game’s Halloween event automatically upon logging in, so just jumping in will give a good reason to go feel appropriately spooky. You know, if you aren’t already spooky enough by indulging in the tweaks to Necromancer skills, or if you can pull yourself away from stacking your Sour Cream and Bottles of Sugary Water up to 5. That’s Project Gorgon for you; check out the patch notes for the full rundown.


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Marty Woods

Good to see this keeps moving forward . I really will have to go back and give it a try once I hit 60 in wow classic . I only ever got off the starter island .