The second week of Anthem’s Season of Skulls starts up today

House of skulls.

The latest Anthem event leaves no time for seasons of love because it’s the Season of Skulls. It’s also rolling on to the second week of this particular season, which means that several elements of the first week are rotating out while new ones rotate in. For starters, the new boss event is against Fury: The Undying, a new anomaly to be unlocked like the previous week’s freeplay boss event.

Players will also see a new arena added into the game’s rotation, as the developers add the Crucible of Astrid to the lineup from the first week to create a new set of challenges. There are also new daily challenges to be completed, and perhaps most importantly new daily things to purchase and a new selection of rewards for crystals. This includes the War Chest: Legendary option, which is assured of producing a Legendary item when opened (hence the name). If you’ve been enjoying the event so far, now’s the time to enjoy some new elements, and if you hadn’t jumped in before… well, now you have some new things to try out.


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At least 12 new armor sets added (3 per class) in 1.50 + ~10 surface materials and a bunch of skins (“wraps”). Fashion end-game is becoming strong in this one.

Tee Parsley

Good that they are doing something now. Seems to have a little bit more buggyness though.