A gamer was killed after witnessing a robbery whilst playing Pokemon Go

No, not like this.

So, yes, let’s just open this story by acknowledging that this is horrible. Nobody wants to be murdered over a video game, but Cayla Campos (age 21) was killed just because she happened to be playing Pokemon Go with her boyfriend near Blanchetti Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The two of them witnessed a robbery happening just around midnight, and when attempting to depart the scene the assailants shot toward her vehicle multiple times, striking her in the back of the neck and leading to her death after she was rushed to the hospital.

The police do not have a suspect at this time, although they are looking for a vehicle connected to the case. Campos and her boyfriend had made the game a routine for some time, as their residence was nearby. Our sympathies extend to the families and friends of the victims – unfortunately, this is far from the first time such violence and deaths have affected gamers while out playing POGO.

Source: KRQE News via Kotaku. This article was amended after publication to remove a minor mention of a game update.
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