Bless Unleashed devs say they’ve ‘drastically reworked the entire crafting system’

"We have essentially thrown out the old system entirely."


As Neowiz and Bandai Namco march onward toward the open beta of Bless Unleashed in November, the teams have once again penned a dev blog giving potential players a look at what’s changing in the game since its closed beta this past summer. Today’s piece is for all the crafters in the house because that’s what everyone thinks of when she thinks of video games and consoles: crafting. OK, nobody does that, but maybe that’ll change.

Neowiz says that crafting was “in the middle of a major overhaul” during the last beta, and now, it’s “drastically reworked the entire crafting system.”

“As a result, players should now have a much easier time getting involved with the crafting system, and should be able to create useful items and equipment much earlier than in our last beta. To get to this point, we’ve made the following changes:

Recipe requirements for lower level items have been reduced greatly.

We’ve reduced the overall number of items in the crafting system by 70%.

Early and mid level crafting rewards have been improved to be of similar quality to quest rewards.

We’ve also added a new collectible type for harvesting wood, and reworked the drops related to the crafting system from enemy encounters to expand the availability of crafting materials.

Crafted items from cooking, and alchemy are now more useful than before.”

Beta begins November 7th.


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Can you play this game on PC anymore? Played a bit of it on steam didn’t seem that bad. Graphics were good. Typical eastern style gameplay. If their just releasing their game again and again just to get money that should be criminal.


The Steam version sunsetted. And I’ve still got 16 stupid items stuck in my Steam inventory that I can’t even delete. I have digital OCD and now that I realize I can’t do anything with it, it bothers me.

Saxon Myers

Waiting for Bless ‘Really, This Is The Last Version. We’re Serious, Guys’ to come out

Ben Stone

Drastically change your release date to never please.

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Ashfyn Ninegold



This is the same folks who did a “major rework” for years on the last Bless they launched, yes?

Focusing on first-class combat, better localization, and optimization? Which suffered on eventual release from an incomplete combat rework, poor localization, and sub-par optimization?

I’d say “Fool me once…” but fortunately, they didn’t fool me once. But if I were interested in this one, I’d be firmly in “show me” mode.

Bruno Brito

I guess it’ll go from a “complete disaster” to just “bad”.