Heroes of the Storm adds a cataclysmic new challenger, Deathwing

Big lizert

It’s time to just ruin everything in Heroes of the Storm with the addition of the game’s newest hero, Deathwing. Yes, everyone’s favorite world-shattering dragon has landed… well, some of the time, anyhow. Not only does Deathwing have two different modes of play, he can also ascend high above the battlefield to recover health and survey the events. Then he can slam back down to damaging effect, meaning that having him watch from on high is not precisely reassuring.

Once he’s not soaring and observing, Deathwing has access to both the Destroyer and World Breaker forms, each allowing him to unleash different abilities on the battlefield. His Heroic remains the same no matter what, however, allowing him to literally unleash a mini-cataclysm once again with a flaming path across the map. (It does not, however, split the map into multiple parts and revamp the objectives while starting a multi-year design slump.) Check out his full rundown on the official site or watch the preview just below to see what this dragon brings to the table before smashing it.

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