Space colony MMO SEED announces ‘Pioneers’ alpha coming in 2020

Putting that $37M investment to *work*


With SpatialOS titles bailing out of the genre left and right, it falls to games like Seed – now being marketed as SEED – to pick up the slack, and the space colony MMO is apparently up for that challenge. Readers will recall that back in August, the studio behind the title, Klang Games, raised an additional $22.3 million in funding thanks to investment from LEGO, which brought the game’s total investment to $37.42 million – not too shabby.

Today’s announcement is for SEED Pioneers, essentially the game’s alpha program. “Within SEED Pioneers, a select number of people from the SEED community will be chosen to take the first steps towards paving the road for humanity on its new home, Avesta,” Klang writes – it’s done heavily in-character, making it a tad hard to parse. While the signups on the official site are for the newsletter, it looks like that mailing list, along with the Discord, is the fast-track to eventual invites, and nope, it doesn’t seem they’re asking for money, at least not yet. The program itself is coming in 2020.

Interested in more? We’ve got the (genuinely cool) Pioneers intro video down below, and Klang recently started up a podcast about the “issues, themes, and philosophical implications of the game itself,” which sounds unique in the universe.

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Source: Press release, official site

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Mia DeSanzo

This is a game I have been following, although not super closely. It looks like it will be really different.


I think Fractured uses SpatialOS too? For me its one of the most anticipated sandbox mmorpgs – yes more than pantheon for example which is another I am interested but seems like they arent making a lot of progress

Raimo Kangasniemi

Yes, Fractured uses it too.