World of Warcraft brings its Recruit-a-Friend program back to life

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If you find yourself running low on friends in World of Warcraft lately (possibly due to outside reasons), you’ll be happy to know that the game’s Recruit-a-Friend program is back in action after a hiatus to retool the system. That means a new set of cosmetic rewards, game time, and the traditional bonuses for the Recruit-a-Friend system like buffed experience gains are now available. Considering the improved sync system available in the game now, we’d say this gives you all the more reason to get friends into the game and help them level.

Players are also invited to take a look at what appears to be the replacement for Titanforged items in the form of Corrupted items. Rather than straight upgrades, Corrupted items increase your Corruption stat while also offering a benefit; higher Corruption stat starts to debuff your character randomly, including spawning damage zones at your feet and increasing the damage you take. There does appear to be a way to cleanse corruption, but it’s not in the patch just yet, so for the moment it’s a game of risk and reward.

Source: Twitter, Wowhead

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Looks like they also did away with the grantable levels we used to earn with RAF.

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If you’re playing Classic, though (which arguably would be a great way to draw back in people who have flown the coop over the years), you’re screwed. The program doesn’t work for Classic players.

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I expect most classic players would be opposed to the introduction of pay-2-win boosts. Classic players can still take advantage of the free subscription months component.