Halloween approaches for RIFT, Skyforge, Destiny 2, ARK, and Dauntless


We’ll have our complete guide to Halloween across the MMO universe early next week, but we would be remiss not to mention some big events that are comin’ at us so fast they’re piling up in the newsroom! Here’s a few you might want to ride your broom on over to:

  • RIFT: Autumn Harvest isn’t exactly Halloween, but it’s pretty close, and it’s begun as of today, with spooky-themed mounts, quests, and costumes.
  • Skyforge: The Evil Pumpkin Festival (they seriously call it that) has resumed as of today through November 7th. “We have spooky costumes, mysterious and scary headwear, incredible fireworks, unique emotes, and even a new vehicle!”
  • Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost is back if for some reason you think creepy trees and broomsticks belong in your sci-fi looter shooter. “Candles, lights, cobwebs, and pumpkins adorn every nook and cranny of the Tower to ensure spirits will be raised,” Bungie says. “While the festival is underway, Guardians are needed to return once more to the Haunted Forest and defeat the fiends, ghouls, and terrors that lie within. You’ll have 15 minutes to make it as far as you can go, but beware of what awaits you at the end.”
  • Dauntless: Dark Harvest has descended upon Ramsgate as of today. “Starting on October 24, perpetual night sinks its teeth into Ramsgate, shrouding the city in an uneasy darkness.”
  • ARK Survival Evolved: Finally, Fear Evolved 3 is back on all platforms as of this week, with new loot, emotes, environments, and drops rates too.


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As always – Skyforge has an excellent set of cosmetics for the event yet mostly frustrating ways to grind for them. Like you have to run instances 200 (!) times to get enough tokens for the wonderful broom mount alone. Or compete with like 40 other players to grab the item to complete a daily quest (x 8 times).


Ark also had an amusing little bug on the two free bonus maps (Ragnarok and Valguero.) The Halloween update caused raptors and wyverns to start spawning in massive quantities – anywhere you’d normally expect to see a spawn of three raptors, you’d get about sixty instead. Same for wyverns. The youtuber Syntac has a video where he flies over the Murdersnow in Ragnarok, and about a hundred wyverns come flying out of the trees in a spot where you’d normally see *one* ice wyvern. O.O

According to the patch notes that’s been hotfixed now though. Apparently a number of people were upset about it while it lasted though. Wild wyverns are decently dangerous, and even people who build near the areas where they live probably weren’t set up for stopping literally dozens of them at once.