Path of Exile previews a fix-filled patch, looks back at six years, and shares new Blight League statistics


Grinding Gear Games likes to do things in bundles, it seems, so we’re bundling up the latest Path of Exile details in one place. You’re welcome. Oh, no, you don’t have to offer me donuts, it’s fine. Well, maybe just one.

First off, a number of fixes that were discussed previously are on the way. Update 3.8.2 has posted its early patch notes to give players a sense of what’s being adjusted, including Blight League updates like a fix to the “Deal Full Damage” ring enchantment not bypassing Blight monsters, as well as other general updates like reduced performance impact for several skills and a swath of bug fixes. The update itself is set to go live on PC sometime this week and on consoles shortly after.

Speaking of Blight League, another look at player stats was recently shared by the devs, this time with significantly less pie and more graphs. This data set details how many challenges players have completed and Ascendancy class use over the course of all of the game’s current Leagues.

Looking back is also being done by Grinding Gear Games with a deserved self-pat on the back at six years of updates. Yesterday was Path of Exile’s sixth birthday, and while there aren’t any anniversary events planned right now, the devs are understandably proud of the progress made since then as well as looking forward to 3.9 and 4.0 announcements due at ExileCon.

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