Pre-orders for EverQuest’s Torment of Velious expansion are now available


Torment of Velious, the 26th expansion for the original EverQuest, is coming soon, but pre-orders are a thing right now for those eager Norrathians who need to stay on the cutting edge of content for the MMORPG at all times.

As mentioned previously, Torment of Velious will see players uncover the mystery of ice that turns anyone it touches into a zombie-like creature, as well as a level cap raise, new AAs, and six zones’ worth of content. Pre-order versions run from the $35 standard edition to the $250 Friends & Family edition, which packs in a number of boosts, bags, and mounts, along with a tradeable level 85 boost, tradeable mounts, and tradeable access to the Torment of Velious expansion itself to let you and a friend take on zombie ice together.

This is all good news for EverQuest fans, but one has to wonder when EverQuest II’s Blood of Luclin expansion will be up for sale. If nothing else, we at least can get an idea on just what the Friends and Family edition will likely cost and include.


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I wonder if this game is the record holder on the amount of expansions released. Twenty six is quite a huge number of expansions, even for a game running so long

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Richard de Leon III

first huh….’$35 standard edition to the $250 Friends & Family edition’…they have to to be kidding…

second huh….’mystery of ice that turns anyone it touches into a zombie-like creature’…game of thrones anyone?