RuneScape’s new Executive Producer talks monetization as Halloween arrives to Old School


It’s a transition week for RuneScape as Jagex has appointed a new Executive Producer for the game: Ryan “Mod Warden” Ward. It’s a comfort, given the community’s general perception that quite a lot of devs have departed the studio over the last couple of months. In his hello address, Ward says he aims to improve trust and feedback with the community; he lays out the structure of the dev team and spends several paragraphs being pretty frank about one of the game’s ongoing sore spots: monetization.

“I see it as my job to ensure that monetisation takes a form that adds to your experience, not detracts from it. The truth is that membership alone is not sufficient to keep the game healthy and evolving. However, it is vital that any monetisation strategy justifies its existence – it needs to be fun, balanced, worth your time and rewarding. We need a monetisation strategy that we can talk about openly and proudly, and you need to know not just what we’re doing but why we’re doing it. Our commercial content can’t sit apart from the world of Gielinor – it must feel authentically a part of it, while giving the players more choice.”

Meanwhile, Old School RuneScape has updated with the Halloween event and the bounty hunter rework – happy Spooktober! – and regular-flavor RuneScape dropped a patch Monday with multiple fixes and tweaks for combat and mobile. Jagex has also posted a security update for the game.


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Karch Amadeo

Was on runescape since late 05. Quit once the system changed dramatically and only recently got into osrs after getting over the fact that Ill never have my original character again in the game I played growing up. It has been interesting to see how the game’s practices have changed yet it is akin to watching your childhood home being lived in by another family. Membership was once $5, skills no one asked for get implemented and then the gachapon system gets thrown in. It has been a slippery slope since summoning was implemented and it has become an entirely new game; literally. Prior it was minorly inconvenient changed (trade), but that is why most veterans left and only now return to OSRS. The only saving grace for now is the poll system to which we have some say in what happens.

edward kunkemueller

“The truth is that membership alone is not sufficient to keep the game healthy and evolving.”
Are you sure about that Mr. Ryan Ward? Games that are 18 years old and still have a huge following don’t get that way by having unhealthy and nonevolving mechanics. They get that way from the exact opposite. But what would I know, I’m just a consumer with common sense, not a executive producer who’s only goal is to make more money by throwing in more monitazation methods then the one that has worked sense it initiated 17 years ago.