World of Warcraft: Classic layering, Corruption, and the BlizzCon Q&A

Zero is fewer than any

Who could have seen this coming.

Layers! Huh! Good God, y’all, what are they good for? Keeping player populations in early phases of World of Warcraft: Classic at manageable levels (say it again)! But as has been mentioned repeatedly, layering was a temporary solution, and a new batch of servers have gotten layering turned off for the older version of the game. Previous statements have indicated that the developers plan to have no realms with layering by the time the full Phase 2 content rollout arrives.

The development team has also discussed the upcoming Corrupted items with the next patch for retail WoW, confirming that this new system does indeed replace Titanforging on later gear. Player reception in the thread has been frosty; while some note that this is an interesting concept, players are both upset that this removes the possibility for gear upgrading beyond a low ceiling (thus increasing the gap between those in static high-end raid groups/M+ groups and the majority of players) and that this is another system of randomness that decides the worth of a reward (thus actually increasing the same “random secondary” problem Titanforging already had).

Last but not least, players are already upset about the WoW Q&A at BlizzCon next week. The event listing implies that all questions must be pre-submitted for screening, rather than be asked live; this has led players to conclude that Blizzard will shut down questions about the game’s current unpopular expansion or Blizzard’s unpopular actions on Hong Kong. Former employees allege that this is how the Q&A sessions have been run every year, even if it looked different to people watching the event. Implications aside, the listing does not specifically rule out live Q&A regardless, but it’s not a good look in a year when people are unhappy about a lot of things.

Source: Official Forums (1, 2), Twitter
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