Bless Unleashed explains the multi-tiered process of equipping your character properly

But THIS time it'll work.

If you were worried that equipping your character would be a simple process of looking at an item level number in Bless Unleashed, you will probably be happy to know that the latest preview of the game’s mechanics makes it clear this is not the case. Quite the contrary, in fact. Players will need to not just look at an item’s quality but also its grade, as it’s possible to have three Rare items but in three different tiers at the same level.

Don’t ask why, it’s on a chart. It must be true if it’s on a chart.

There’s also the process of enhancing an item, upgrading an item when it’s sufficiently enhanced (at which point you can enhance it again), and the risks of having your item break whilst trying to enhance it. Doesn’t that sound delightful? You can get the overview on the official site if you’re curious about how exactly you can randomly fail to enhance an item, although you can then sacrifice another item of the same tier to fix it at a reduced enhancement level. The open beta is meant for November, if you want to try this system out for yourself.


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2 years ago

Those considering playing this, please do not fall for this scam again…