Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for patch 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

Oh, COME ON, what did that accomplish?

Do not try to read the patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch out loud in one breath. You will run out of oxygen and fall unconscious. Yes, if you had thought this would be the point when the game stopped having a big set of patch notes, you would be wrong because patch 5.1 has just as large a list of notes as prior patches, helped along by the fact that it brings big changes to the mechanics of crafting and gathering; additional actions for crafters and gatherers are out and rolled into each individual class, several mechanics like slower Stealth on gatherers are gone, and an entirely new crafting interface now traces the path to making any given item.

Not that battle classes are exempt from changes, especially the wildly redesigned Ninja that now has timers on its individual Ninjutsu actions, improved potency for same, a redesigned job gauge, and further balance tweaks. And big changes have also arrived for Bards, Astrologians, Samurai, and Red Mage, along with general changes to tank role actions and major Blue Mage adjustments. Oh, and there’s also a whole bunch of new content, new items yet to be listed, system changes for New Game+… there’s a lot of stuff. While the patch itself is not going to be applied until the game goes down for maintenance at midnight EDT on October 28th, you can still read the patch notes now.


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Able to now get a HI RES Mahjong? Wooo!


Story quest completion is no longer required to ride mounts.

A change for Eureka that I’d be welcome to see… had this been before Shadowbringer’s release. This was literally one of my biggest issues with the content, especially when I joined rather late into Eureka. It’s hard to keep up with the NM trains on foot, and harder still when you’re on foot being chased by an enemy double your level.

The Desynthesis change is also definitely a cool thing. I get the reasons for the cap, but in all honesty I think the caps just made things a little messier especially if you wanted to break down more than a few classes items. They didn’t really need to remove the ‘chance of failure’, at least I don’t think they needed to, but it’s a nice gain overall on that.