LOTRO delays Minas Morgul until November 5


Don’t get your hopes up that you’ll be heading back to Mordor for Halloween. Standing Stone Games announced yesterday that it was going to delay the launch of Lord of the Rings Online’s newest expansion by a week, possibly because the Hobbits overslept and are trying to schedule as many extra breakfasts as possible.

“We are readying the Minas Morgul expansion for release, and we’re getting close,” the studio tweeted. “We are currently targeting Tuesday, November 5th as the release date for Minas Morgul.”

Players will recall that the pre-order fine print had originally set the launch for October 29th, with leeway to delay it to the end of November if needed, so this isn’t entirely without precedent.

That delay will give fans more time to pour over the patch notes, check out the new maps, and level up their spiffy Stout-Axe Dwarves. The Harvestmath festival offers plenty of spooky activities for the time being as well.

Source: Twitter
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Just left the community manager’s stream and he stated that they are doing upgrades of their servers to new hardware as well as a mirgation of the SQL to Postgress, so they’ve been busy.

On another note, they re promoting a charity fundraser for Extra Life for Children’s Hospital in Boston MA until 12AM tomorrow.


Yeah, Landroval was down a full day this week and there was a noticeable improvement in performance after.


I just looked at their preorder page, no purchase options that bundle the previous content; it’s a shame.

2Ton Gamer

This is their biggest problem for me. They do not make it new player friendly and I’ve seen so many people want to get in to this game but refuse after they see all of the stuff they’ll have to buy to be able to play to end cap. I say this as someone who owns everything through Mordor.

Roger Edwards

So Minas Morgul is now getting released on the same day as the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. See you in the spring LOTRO.