World of Warcraft will be locking down corruption values on the test server

We're fine.

The new Corrupted item system being tested for World of Warcraft has already received a fair amount of feedback, generally in the negative. The good news is that the system is already being changed and amended, with game director Ion Hazzikostas confirming on Twitter that the amount of Corruption for each tier of affix will be changed to a fixed value instead of a random roll. He also mentions that the system is still early in development and will be iterated upon more; whether or not those iterations will address the core negative feedback regarding the system’s RNG-heavy nature and the change to static item levels in content remains to be seen.

Speaking of negative feedback, The Onion saw the opportunity to get in on the Blizzard joke chain with its story about adding a picture of Xi Jinping getting pinched by a crab into Overwatch’s Lijiang Tower. Of course, it’s not a picture of Winnie the Pooh, but it’s an appropriate lampooning of the company’s ongoing public image program (in wake of its awful handling of a pro-Hong Kong demonstration) that it would probably like to have turned around in… you know, the next week.

Source: Twitter, The Onion via Wowhead; thanks to John for the tip!

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Richard de Leon III

i personally dont mind random rolls/stats in rpgs…it just comes with the genre imho. it gives me reason to play more. But since im an enchanter on my main even dud items have a use 😀


Not the only corruption they should be looking at.


-cough cough-


Maybe they’re simply projecting. “hey everyone, we got this new concept of ‘corruption’ .. it just came to us, out of the blue!”