Astellia Online runs a pair of free trial weekends


Do you have any pressing plans this weekend? Astellia Online hopes not because the team would really like to get you into this new fantasy MMORPG without any initial financial obstacle. You know what they say, the first hit is free, but the next will cost ya!

Right now, there is a free trial weekend going on for anyone who would like to check out Astellia. It’s running through Monday, and all you’ll need to play it is the access code that is posted on the website. If you miss this promotion, there is a second free trial planned for November 1st through the 4th.

Astellia is a buy-to-play MMO that also has a sort-of-trial subscription option as well. Since you’re better off just purchasing the game than renting it (if you’re interested, of course), taking advantage of this free weekend might benefit you more than subbing up.


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Played it a bit and it’s…meh, which was expected. I’ll dive back in next weekend, but not really feeling it so far. Maybe once I get to group content things will get better.

Elva the Lion

Since Blizzard is off my MMO plate, I am looking for a more or less classic MMO – Astellia could be that – but the gender lock is a big turn off, supposedly that will be changed at some point, but I don’t start RPG games so I can sex change my characters at a later date…that kinda of ruins things in an immersive sort of way for me.

Adam Russell

Couldnt get 10 seconds into the tutorial before I uninstalled. Looks like it was designed for kids. Should warn about that stuff imo.

Raimo Kangasniemi

10 seconds? Ok…

Adam Russell

No really. Maybe there is more later but why put the infantile crap in the first 10 seconds if its not for really really young children? If you have more experience with it thats different feel free to post what you have seen.

Castagere Shaikura

Free trial so soon though.


I wonder if the devs know about Halloween and related ongoing events, sales, new seasons in almost every game? There is simply not enough time for their trial right now.