The Occupy White Walls Deep State update turns interrogation rooms into art


Do you have a deep love for interrogation rooms as an aesthetic? That’s… kind of boring and weird? But then again it can also be yours in the art curation MMO Occupy White Walls’ new Deep State update, which has added the aforementioned aesthetic choice and a variety of improvements. And hey, if you love interrogation room decor, you do you.

The primary feature of this new update is the aforementioned deep state assets, which include filing cabinets, surveillance studios, recording studios, and interrogation rooms. There are also a variety of vases on offer, some new weathered bricks, and upgraded bamboo sofas with a “silly attention to detail.” The new version of OWW also has a new chat that lets users post emojis and share links to artworks and galleries, stability and performance improvements, “skyboxes and lighting on steroids,” and Deep State art optimizations. There’s also a new plaza and tutorial area to check out.

All of the details can be surveilled in these deep patch notes, while a preview of the new plaza is embedded below.

source: Steam
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