Albion Online’s laborer contracts system lets players move their laborers from one place to another


Albion Online’s Queen update and its many improvements to the Outlands is looming on the horizon, and that change means players will need to get their items in order, including laborers. But you really can’t pack an entire laborer into your pocket, right? Yes you can, because video games are awesome and because the laborer contract system detailed by the devs will let players do just that.

This system will allow players to turn any placed laborers into a contract of an appropriate tier that can be put into their inventory like a piece of furniture and can even be traded. When a laborer is transformed into a piece of paper, any progress towards the next tier, equipped journals, and unclaimed resources will be lost. Also, placing the laborer in their new location will have to go through the process of settling in like new laborers, so they won’t be ready to work immediately; hey, it’s jarring turning from a piece of parchment into a person, you have to give them some time.

A timeline for when this feature will arrive wasn’t explained, but you can get a look at how it works in the meantime.

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