Another Diablo 4 detail appears to have been revealed via an artbook page


The security around the Diablo 4 announcement that everyone’s expecting for this year’s BlizzCon appears to be rather porous. While we don’t know for certain that the latest leaked artbook page is accurate, we’re still spinning off of the leak about the game’s existence from a German magazine ad and the general community assumption that it’s going to be announced this year. Plus, the magazine page does leak something that would make a fair amount of sense, as it’s the full appearance of a character already known to exist in the franchise, Lilith.

While Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred, appears briefly in Diablo 2, it appears that she gets a new design and a much larger role in the story of Diablo 4. The leak doesn’t give any hint as to what that role might be, but a new design indicates its prominence, so it’s another little nugget of information to chew on if you’re anxiously awaiting news about the expected announcement.

Source: Twitter via VG24/7
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