Blade & Soul Korea gets an engine upgrade, new content, and the third Force Master spec in December

Blade & Soul Korea gets an engine upgrade, new content, and the third Force Master spec in December

Things for the Korean version of Blade & Soul are looking pretty sharp if a new trailer is any indication. At the end of an esports event in Korea, a new trailer was broadcast that touted an update called Blade & Soul Complete, which will introduce an upgrade to the game’s engine, new PvE and PvP content, and the third spec for the Force Master class.

Blade & Soul Complete will feature a “reborn world” and “remastered visual[s]” using a presumed upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, which readers will note was part of a “vision preview” provided by NCSoft back in May of last year. The update will also introduce a new dungeon, a new PvP field, new siege warfare, and touts “advanced combat,” though information on just what that means is not available. The new Force Master Awakening, meanwhile, is called “Yin Yang” according to reporting from MMO Culture, though that spec name may be a working title. The teaser trailer itself opens and closes with CGI, but both segments showcase a drastically revamped visual overhaul and the Force Master commanding lightning.

All of these updates are due to land to the Korean version of Blade & Soul this December. We’ve embedded the opening CGI part of the teaser below as well as the original esports broadcast with the full trailer, which should play at the moment the teaser kicks off.

sources: YouTube, Twitch, MMO Culture, cheers Rafael!

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That trailer would be a bit silly and pointless if it isn’t showing off the game’s newfound capability to render that kind of graphics in real time. At least it’s good to know the UE4 upgrade is actually real, and the franchise’s focus isn’t entirely on mobile as of now.

I tried out the mobile version of BnS that’s almost literally a port from PC… and it sucked. Now I know there’s a need to satisfy a generation of poorer players who have smartphones (who doesn’t?) and can’t afford a PC remotely suitable for gaming… but thanks and no fucking thanks do I not want a mobile port on PC nor a PC port on mobile where both bring out the worst of two worlds.

I believe the Chinese actually made one or two original games based off BnS brand. Why can’t we have that too?


Ah, man. I’ve been waiting for this for forever. So it comes to NA sometime early 2020, eh… I just hope it’s all worth the wait.

UE4 + lightning FM is just enough to get me back into this, I think. Wonder how active arena is at this point in the game. Hopefully it gets a massive uptick with the update. I always did enjoy arena, even if it was often frustrating with how much guessing is involved in winning.

Saxon Myers

Nothing for my class but that’s fine as I play the newest class. Love my FemGon Warden


Reposted from my original reply from this past Sunday’s One Shots, where Mr. rafael first posted this news – as my hope for this upgrade includes:

1) Invisible walls will be gone.

2) A seamless world will replace instance’d zones.

3) Clipping will be thing of the past.

4) No pixelicious views on the close up shots.

5) Lag will dissipate on Dragon Points.

6) Summoner pets will actually be grounded as oppose to floating in midair.

7) Perhaps more color (or colour) and detail options in the Character Creator.

8) Better particle physics?

Mr. rafael then replied in kind:

Check this out for more details:

My layman’s answers or guesses to your questions.

1. Yes, many walls will disappear but not all. More open areas but there will still be some instances.
2. Hmm, not completely seamless, but much improved.
3. Less clipping, but… I’m sure there will still be some.
4. No pixel views.
5. Less lag!
6. No more floating.
7. Not sure if it will add more colors in CC.
8. Better particle physic, yes!
9. New game modes, Yes!

*Thusly, fingers and pigtails remain crossed until more details about this are forth coming*


Thanks. Yes, I couldn’t wait to talk about it. Lol.


This just keeps reminding me I need to spend some time playing this game! But then there’s the Nier raid… and other shinies that distract me… Someday, my guy will find his way out from that simple fishing village…

Unless I roll something else… Which I might. Don’t know.


No, no. Nier Automata is required gameplay for any serious gamer.

It might just be the best game released in this generation of hardware consoles and gaming PCs.

Yes, Nier is that good.


Woot! Thanks, MOP. For Blade and Soul fans this is huge news and hopes for the PC games evolution and improvement well into the future are high.

It is strange that NCsoft is doing this given the various versions of Blade and Soul mobile that are currently in development. Many in the BnS community thought that the desktop game was moving toward maintenance mode as the focus shifted to mobile. Oh sure, there was lip service given to a UE4 upgrade, but many didn’t think it would ever materialize. Well, “Whoop! There it is!”

So why is this so update and upgrade so important? Well, it solves the major issue that BnS has had since launch, namely that the graphics engine chokes handling large numbers of players in one location. Well, UE4 solves that problem.

And that means siege mechanics can now be introduced. And it follows that guild vs. guild and possibly realm vs realm play will finally be realized. Improvements Faction vs faction will be huge too.

But it is not just PvP that will be improved. BnS has a huge PvE contingent. In fact, PvE players vastly outnumber PvP players in the game. And at last, a true open-world PvE environment will be delivered opening the door to housing and a real crafting system.

Now, these are not things that will materialize overnight. And I doubt they are going to retrofit everything into a new paradigm. But the game has a new lease on life. Blade and Soul Complete!


Oh, and lightening spec for Force Masters? It’s about time!! Lol.