Camelot Unchained reviews its pathfinding code and makes happy accidents with armor


Bob Ross, in his infinite wisdom, would sometimes make “happy accidents” while painting where he took a mistaken attempt and made it something new and beautiful. One such happy accident happened for the devs of Camelot Unchained as described in this week’s roundup post.

The art section offered a look at some new knee pads and pauldrons in both metal and leather variants. That alone is rather unremarkable, but the metal version was an accident when the artists used a metal texture instead of a leather one. It ended up looking great as well as tying into the game’s crafting system that offers different visual styles based on the materials used, so the team decided to keep them. In addition, confusion over whether the items were knee pads or pauldrons brought up the idea to let players use both styles for both pieces; two happy accidents in one art pass!

In addition to accidentally modular art design, the weekly top tenish list details continued pouring over the code for NPC pathfinding with no less than five engineers on the case, the first review pass of Camelot Unchained’s ragdoll physics engine, and efforts to attach visual effects to weapons among other development work.


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I’m always a fan of happy accidents.
And yes it looks great.