Lineage II updates raid bosses, hunting zones, questing, and vitality system October 30


A supplemental update to Lineage II’s Fafurion update is on the horizon, bringing with it some new raid bosses to whale on and a wide variety of system changes.

Complete information on just what these updates involve isn’t up yet as we write this, but a forum post promises a bullet list of new things like the aforementioned raid bosses, adjustments to level 1-85 questing and Exalted questing, a new timed hunting zone as well as adjustments to existing hunting zones, tweaks to the game’s Vitality System, new Talismans, and a pre-loading of the World Olympiad which will kick off on November 6th.

All of these adjustments are due to land on Wednesday, October 30th, with patch notes for the update due to be posted on Tuesday, October 29th. Once the patch goes live, players will lose several Olympiad and Ceremony of Chaos exchange items; a full list of those can be found here.